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In 2016, I started studying Su Dongpo’s tune poems and since then have been turning some of his most famous ones into songs. The initial intention is to enjoy Su’s sublime poetry through singing, having done much silent and vocal reading of it. Su Dong-Po translated by Yun Wang - Poetry Su Dong-Po 1036-1101 A.D. was one of the three major poets from the Song Dynasty. He was known for his writings at an early age, which led to prominent government positions.

Altogether, he wrote over 350 tune poems and thousands of other literary work in poetry, prose calligraphy and painting. About Tune Poems. Just a brief introduction about tune poems. Tune poems can be traced back to generations before Su Dongpo’s time, to the Liang Dynasty in the 8 th Century.

Su Tung-Po 1037–1101 was a Chinese poet, writer, artist, and statesman during China’s Song era. Born to a family of literati in the present-day Sichuan province, he is also known as Po Su Shi, Su Shih, and Su Dongpo. He published under the pseudonym Dongpo Jushi.Su Tung-Po spent most of his life employed in various governmental positions.</plaintext> 28/09/2010 · Su Dongpo orginally known as Su Shi January 8, 1037--August 24, 1101 was a writer, poet, artist, calligrapher, pharmacologist, and statesman of the Song Dynasty, and one of the major poets of the Song era. Born in Meishan near Mount Emei in Sichuan province, Su's extant writings are of great. Those on the tablet were black-listed by those in opposition. Depending upon which way the political winds were blowing, after this event Su Dongpo’s poetry went from being banned, with fines to those in possession of one of his poems of several thousand dollars, to. Su Dongpo: “ It has been my opinion concerning painting that men and animals and buildings and structures have a constant material form. On the other hand, mountains and rocks, bamboo and trees, ripples of water, smoke and clouds do not have a constant form xing.</p> <p>Similarly, his brother Su Zhe was named after another carriage-related concept, zhe meaning wheel track and implying the boy should try to leave his mark in life. Su Shi's courtesy name was Zizhan. His pseudonym was Dongpo Jushi, from which he is often also referred to as Su Dongpo. Su Shi is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished figures in classical Chinese literature, having produced some of the most well-known poems, lyrics, prose, and essays. Su Shi was famed as an essayist, and his prose writings lucidly contribute to the understanding of topics such as 11th-century Chinese travel literature or detailed. Su Shi was the greatest writer of Song ci lyrics, often celebrating the joys of relaxed and transitory pleasures. Each poem indexed below appears in characters, pinyin, and literal and literary English translation; alternatively, the English translations are collected on one page here. Su Dongpo Su Shi a deux amis: un autre lettré, Huang Tingjian, et le moine chan Foyin. Ils apparaissent sur des peintures qui témoignent de leur amitié avec des titres comme les Trois goûteurs de vin aigre. 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